Professional Speech & Language Services

Providing communication skills for all seasons of life...


We provide the following services:
  • Assessments/ Diagnosis of language, articulation, voice, fluency, oral motor and stroke related disorders
  • Speech and language therapy for all ages
  • Parent/Caregiver communication support training
  • Functional treatment plans
  • Documentation for accommodations for SAT/state boards
  • School observation visits or conferences
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Parent Conferences

Families are a very important part of the therapy process, and we hope to be able to visit with you at least once a week coming or going from the session. We will schedule conferences for more extended time to discuss progress, home programming and any concerns.


In our Lufkin location, we have designed observation windows in the doors of the therapy rooms. Your clinician will inform you about when you may begin observing your family member’s therapy. Sound and light will cause a distraction to the client and to the therapy session, so the hall must be kept dark and quiet. We request that you do not bring siblings into the hall and that the number of observers be kept to two.


Please contact our office to request an appointment..Appointments are available between 8:30am – 6:30pm, Monday through Friday. After-work appointments can also be scheduled.

Please contact us at least 4 hours in advance of a session if you need to cancel the appointment. If you forget, we will allow one free “no show” per calendar year. Three “no shows” in a row will result in the possibility of losing your scheduled time and returning to the waiting list or the next available time slot.

We will reschedule if time is available, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Attendance Policy

We consider attendance that is consistent crucial to progress in therapy. Please review our Attendance Policy.